April 2, 2020

The Ultimate Capitol Hill, Seattle Cocktail Guide

As one of the trendiest cities in America, Seattle is a hub for creativity and culinary excellence when it comes to cultivating the perfect craft cocktail. On Capitol Hill you’ll find dozens of bars with complex and groundbreaking techniques to create drinks that will blow away everything you thought you knew about cocktails. Get ready to find the best drink you’ve ever had at one of these Capitol Hill bars. 

Knee High Stocking Company

This speakeasy bar is perfectly hidden in plain sight. Set on a corner in the heart of Capitol Hill, this unmarked bar is one of the most popular nightlife spots in all of Seattle. High end, carefully curated craft cocktails adorn the menu and each one is created by hand in front of your eyes. The food menu features Filipino-inspired small plates with complex flavors. The drink lists change seasonally to use the freshest ingredients and each cocktail comes with its own description whether it be frothy, herbaceous, and chocolate-y or earthy, spicy, smokey, fruity. Reservations are highly recommended but they do their best to accommodate last-minute walk ins. 

Herb & Bitter Public House

This classy and eclectic neighborhood bar features Spanish-influenced drinks and tapas with big flavors. Their year-round patio is the perfect place to sit back and enjoy a culinary excursion into the heart of Spain. On a rainy day sit on their enclosed patio and watch raindrops glide down the glass. Their extensive liquor & spirit collection works to craft the perfect flavors in each unique cocktail. You can also grab a rare beer from their vast rotating collection. 


This modern aperitivo bar is known for its incredible Italian food and unique cocktails made with locally sourced ingredients. Order your appetizers and entrees and let their bartenders create craft drinks that specifically pair with each stage of your evening. Each drink comes with it’s own complexity and depth of flavor. Request a seat at the chef’s bar and watch as the chefs create each dish with culinary expertise and care. 

Bar Vacilando

Arguably the best date night spot on Capitol Hill, Bar Vacilando is the perfect blend of ambiance, neighborhood friendliness, and fine dining. The menu pulls flavors and influence from all over the world and you’ll find items from Kalua pork tacos to roasted shishito peppers plus a great selection of vegan-friendly options. For cocktails, grab a modern twist on an old classic like the Vacilando Gimlet or the Garden Mule made with homemade ginger beer. If you are feeling adventurous order the Marooned, a magically light and refreshing cocktail with a depth you don’t often find. 


If you like fine whiskeys, then you absolutely must plan a trip to America’s largest spirit collection at Canon. With over 4,000 bottles (yes you read that right) you can find some obscure, vintage, hidden variety that can take your old fashioned, gimlet, or manhattan to the next level. Let the bartenders know what flavors you like and don’t like or describe a feeling and watch as they create a special cocktail perfectly for you. 

Tavern Law

Celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year, Tavern Law is a long time favorite on Capitol Hill. Order a classic and experience a perfectly balanced cocktail that elevates your favorite flavors into culinary perfection or venture out of your comfort zone with their originals. While the best cocktail on the menu is highly disputed, the Beetlejuice is probably the most interesting. Peated Scotch, Black Strap Rum, peanut butter, blackberry, cinnamon, clove, cream, and maple are all brought together and smoked to create a drink that reflects a nostalgic craving for a PB&J.

Start your evening off at one of these incredible bars or stop by after dinner for a fun and exciting dessert drink. Whether you like a simple gin & tonic or are looking for a complex cocktail, you’ll find the perfect bar to match your tastes right here on Capitol Hill. 

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