April 24, 2019

Heaven in a Cup: A Coffee Lover’s Guide to Seattle, WA

six cups of delicious coffee, espressos, teas, and lattes in white mugs

It’s widely agreed that our home city of Seattle, Washington is home to some of the largest, most well-known coffee houses in the world! In fact, it’s impossible to take a walk down the street without passing multiple coffee chains, sidewalk stands, roasterys, and more! Since Seattle is so saturated with coffee houses, visitors may wonder “Where do I start?” We at Shafer Baillie Mansion have put together a shortlist of some of the most popular coffee locations in Seattle along with some local Capitol Hill specialties!

Starbucks Coffee:
Starbucks may be the most influential coffee chain in the world, but shockingly enough, most Seattle residents refuse to have anything to do with them. Despite this, Pike Place Market is still one of the most famous tourist spots in Seattle and is a must-visit if you haven’t been before!

In addition to visiting the very ‘first’ Starbucks location at Pike Place, the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room is located right here on Capitol Hill and is a wonderful experience for any Starbucks lovers! This copper-plated coffee heaven is also home to the Italian bakery Princi along with a full bar!

Caffé Vita:
Caffé Vita was established in 1995 and is famous for its delicious roasts along the Pacific Northwest. They use beans from independent farmers in eleven different countries using sustainable methods! This is a Seattle favorite and is located right here on Capitol Hill.

Dubsea Coffee:
Dubsea Coffee is well-known for its love of the community and neighborhood activities (as well as its rich coffee roasts!) It’s the perfect place to host meetings and events and a way to give back to the community. In addition, this coffee house supports local artists, so be sure to drop by and get a taste (literally!) of Seattle culture!

Sound & Fog:
Sound & Fog has been rising in popularity in West Seattle, and for good reason! It’s a coffee AND wine bar, offering beer on tap and rotating coffee roasters! Focusing on a fun, ever-changing menu, they also feature a standard coffee menu for residents who know what they like. Every time you visit, the seasonal menu will change, so be sure to drop by when you get the chance!

Capitol Hill Coffee Spots:

someone is pouring steamed milk into a latte while making a beautiful latte heart

Espresso Vivace:
Espresso Vivace is one of the original homes to latte art, perfected by co-owner David Schomer in the 80’s! This coffee shop offers rich, caramel espresso along with a variety of other delicious roasts originating from Italy. Club members also receive shipments of coffee, special training, and helpful coffee tips!

Victrola Coffee Roasters:
Victrola is a wonderful neighborhood cafe that opened nearly two decades ago on Capitol Hill! They host exciting art shows and support local artists on a regular basis along with providing the community with mouth-watering coffee roasts. They specialize in single origin coffees, and you can even sign up for coffee subscriptions and receive wonderful caffeinated shipments right to your door!

Joe Bar:
Joe Bar was opened in 1997 and has been a wonderful addition to the neighborhood ever since! This quaint little coffee shop serves wonderful coffee, yummy crepes, and hosts art shows regularly, supporting local Seattle artists!

Ada’s Technical Books & Cafe:
This fun addition to Capitol Hill coffee spots is home to a science lover’s bookshop, technical lab, and of course, a cafe. The cafe not only has delicious brews, but specializes in yummy desserts and lunches!

As much as we’d love to cover every single coffee roaster in Seattle, we don’t want to keep you reading all day! If you’d like a longer list of coffee spots in Seattle, be sure to check out this all-inclusive guide to “Essential Seattle Coffee Shops”.

Coffee Tours:

Seattle is home to so many coffee roasters that coffee tours have become a growing trend among visitors! Two of the best recommended coffee tours are Seattle by Foot walking tours and Road Dogs Coffee Tours (who also offer beer brewing tours!)

We residents of Seattle are proud of the world coffee capitol that we have become! And in addition to touring Seattle’s best coffee houses, we at Shafer Baillie Mansion offer yummy french press coffee every morning from Storyville Coffee. Plan your caffeine-filled vacation and book a stay with us at Shafer Baillie Mansion on Capitol Hill for the best lodging in Seattle, Washington! What’s your favorite coffee blend? Share with us below!