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Brown leather chairs and a wooden table with eight bookcases filled with bound volumes.
Red cushioned chairs at each landing of an ornately carved brown wooden stairwell.
A dining table set with fourteen brown wood chairs with red cushions atop golden brown hardwood flooring.
A sitting area with black, wrought iron tables and chairs with the Mansion in the background.
The front steps of the Mansion with two marble sculptures of lions holding vases.
A brown wooden table atop a Persian rug near the foot of the grand staircase.
A green upholstered couch with green and gold pillows with beige walls and floors.
Two plush chairs atop burgundy carpeting with yellow walls and brown wood crown molding.
A chandiler and wall sconces glow yellow orange over plush red chairs and couches.
A glass vase of pink roses with green leaves rests atop a brown wooden dining table.
A piano of warm, brown wood sits before a couch with white cushions and pillows.
Dozens of wooden seats in a theatre with a maroon curtain and green walls.
A dining room table set for fourteen atop golden brown hardwood flooring.
An atrium with white wooden framed windows and wicker chairs and a couch with white cushions.
Gray marble with the text: Shafer - Baillie Mansion, 907 14th Ave. East
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