April 29, 2021

Local’s Guide to Seattle’s Most Interesting Attractions You’ve Never Heard Of

You know the Space Needle, the first Starbucks, and Pike Place Market, but what else? Aside from Seattle’s most popular attractions, there are lots of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. From a sequoia tree in the middle of the city to a troll under a bridge, we’ve gathered the top must-see wonders of the city.

UPS Waterfall Garden Park

Typically you would find a waterfall miles away from a city, but here in Seattle there’s a waterfall nestled in the heart of it. UPS Waterfall Garden Park is a landmark of what was once the original site of the United Postal Service. UPS started in 1907 as the American Messenger Company. Now, you can visit the former site and take in the view of the 22-foot man-made waterfall. Paired with plenty of tables and chairs to relax, UPS Waterfall Garden Park is a peaceful gem in a hustling city.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON STATE, USA - OCTOBER 10, 2014: The famous Fremont Troll under the Aurora Bridge, Washington.

Fremont Troll

A fairytale story come to life, Fremont Troll is Seattle’s very own troll under the bridge. Built in 1990 by a local artist, the concrete troll sculpture lives under Aurora Bridge, and has since been a favorite for both locals and visitors. The troll is 18 feet tall and has some unique characteristics, such as a Volkswagen Beetle hubcap as an eye. This strange and remarkable creature is surely a sight you don’t want to miss.

Underground Tunnels

After the Great Seattle Fire in 1889, the city rebuilt itself as the modern metropolis you know now. During the rebuild, the city's streets were built two stories higher on top of the original. This created Seattle’s Underground. You can now venture underground and take a tour through the tunnels, looking at the old storefronts and sidewalks. This is truly an extraordinary adventure and should be at the top of your list when you visit Seattle.

Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

The name truly says it all in this case. As you shop, you’ll find yourself wondering why and how they’ve acquired such items. There are an assortment of natural and man-made treasures to choose from, like a shrunken head or beautifully crafted bracelet. If you can think of it, Ye Olde Curiosity Shop probably has it. Attracting millions of visitors each year, this one-of-a-kind shop won’t disappoint.

Eagle Sculpture and Space Needle

Olympic Sculpture Park

The Olympic Sculpture Park, located in Seattle’s largest downtown green space, is a 9-acre outdoor sculpture museum. As you make your way through the park, you will see incredible sculptures like The Eagle, an abstract sculpture that was placed in the park in 2000. Also, look for the Father and Son Sculpture which is a combination of a sculpture and fountain. As the fountain rises and lowers, it displays the father and son with outstretched hands portraying a seemingly unconquerable divide. There are a multitude of different sculptures to see, and you will be captivated by their intricate displays.

The Red Hall at Seattle Central Library

Up for a bit of an unusual experience? In the Red Hall, the floors, ceiling, walls and doors are all painted in a glossy red paint. As you walk through the hall, you may get lost and a little disoriented in the seemingly endless displays of red. Located on the fourth floor of the Seattle Central Library, the Red Hall is a spectacle to behold.

Gas Works Park Seattle, WA Gas Works Park

Built on a former coal gasification plant, Gas Works Park is known for having the best views of the city. This now transformed oasis is a favorite for those who want to escape the hectic city and relax for an afternoon. There are picnic tables to enjoy a nice lunch on, plenty of room to play a little catch, or have a nice afternoon nap. On your next trip to Seattle, make sure you plan for a lazy afternoon and soak in the picturesque views of the city.

Seattle’s Giant Sequoia Tree

In the city, it’s hard to remember that you’re surrounded by the beautiful and wild Pacific Northwest, where trees are big and plentiful. However, one reminder still remains, Seattle’s Giant Sequoia Tree. The sequoia, surrounded by a concrete jungle, has managed to remain thriving despite its unfavorable location. When exploring Seattle, make it a point to stop and appreciate this giant beauty.

Hat n’ Boots

Located in Oxbow Park, a once bustling gas station is now a local treasure. The very unique gas station built a giant cowboy hat and pair of cowboy boots as its storefront in 1954. Although the business closed in the 1980’s, the remnants of the hat and boots still remain. Local residents who fell in love with the gas station back when it was operational, took it upon themselves to restore the hat and boots. In 2003 the pair was relocated to their now home in Oxford Park. After years of hard work, Hat n’ Boots was completed in 2010. If you’re wanting to see a truly remarkable display, Hat n’ Boots will not disappoint.

Scarecrow Video

Welcome to the largest independent video store in the world. If you’re feeling rather nostalgic of when you could drive down the street for that Friday night movie rental, then visit Scarecrow Video. There are thousands of films to choose from, including rare, independent films you can’t find anywhere else. Scarecrow Video ranks high in must-do’s when you visit Seattle.

After you’ve explored the interesting treasures of the city, head to the most interesting place to stay, Shafer Baillie Mansion. Once a prominent mansion on Seattle’s original Millionaire’s Row, Shafer Baillie Mansion is now a beautiful boutique hotel. You will be captivated by the elegance and charm, as well as the intricate details and remnants of the original craftsmanship. Located on Capitol Hill, Shafer Baillie Mansion is the ideal place to stay when you visit Seattle.