March 6, 2018

Capitol Hill Restaurants

The great city of Seattle is known for its many popular landmarks. The most popular landmarks are the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. However, did you know that Seattle is also known for its various restaurants and their cuisines? The best part is that they are less than one mile from Shafer Baillie Mansion. The following highlights some of the restaurants that are within walking distance of our bed and breakfast that are not only delicious, but also have a lively atmosphere that is fun for everyone from couples to entire families.

 Poppy’s Seattle

Located in our backyard (Capitol Hill neighborhood), Poppy’s is one of the many places that we believe will not leave you hungry or disappointed. Its owner Jerry Traunfeld has been recognized for his use of various seasonings to complement traditional Northwest cooking. Some of his recognitions include being “Seattle Met” Magazine’s Chef of 2015. Poppy’s has also been included as one of the top places to eat in the Seattle Metropolitan area. Besides having a recognized chef as its leader, the restaurant is also known for its delicious food. Some of the most popular dishes served at the restaurant are “Five-spices Braised Duck with Blackberry Sauce” and “Smoked Thai Pork Sausage”. Be sure to also save some room at this restaurant for their fabulous desserts which include “Deep-Dish Apple Pie” and “Chocolate Walnut Baklava” to name a couple.


Co-owners Phebe Rossi and Amanda Bedell founded the restaurant with the belief that all food should be sourced locally, but they also take other things into consideration such as being gluten free. If you, your spouse, or any of your family members have certain food allergies or care about your food being locally sourced, this is the place in Seattle to visit! Besides carrying gluten free options, the restaurant also carries other health-related options. In addition, this establishment has a fabulous dessert menu too! One of the great desserts offered is the “Millionaire Bar,” a short bread cookie topped with chocolate ganache. It doesn’t get much better than that folks!



 The Italian word “Altura,” meaning “a great height” in English, is another restaurant that you do not want to overlook while you are visiting the great city of Seattle, Washington! Similar to Nuflours, Altura aims to serve locally sourced dishes as much as possible and can accommodate people with different kinds of food allergies. Some of the dishes on their menu include “Veal Breast and Wild Mushroom Mezzaluna” and “Grapefuit Sorbetto”. Besides serving up some delicious dishes, the restaurant also has a fantastic selection of wines and other alcoholic drinks. Some of the wines available are “Cesani Pancole Vernaccia di San Gimignano”(a white wine) and Putzenhof (a red wine). However, this restaurant is a bit on the pricey side with dinners equating to more than $100 per person.


 The Wandering Goose

If you are looking for some “down home” Southern cooking, then The Wandering Goose is where you should go. The restaurant’s atmosphere is highlighted by owner Heather Earnhardt to not only remember the past, but to also look towards the future. She is also committed to making the food affordable for all her patrons. Be sure to stop at this place on Friday for their “Fried Chicken Dinner,” you can’t be its price! Besides fried chicken, the restaurant also serves other dishes. Some of its other dishes are “Aunt Annie’s,” a biscuit sandwich with fried chicken. pickles, mustard, and honey, and the Oyster Po’boy, a sandwich with fried oysters and other various condiments. In addition, the owner Heather is also a published author. Her books can be found on various sites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

 Rione XIII

If you are looking for rustic, Italian food near the Shafer Baillie Mansion, make sure to check out Rione XII! Inspired by classic Roman flavors, the cuisine takes you back in time to the respective historical era. Be sure to take your family here on “Family Night”. The special night happens each second Tuesday of the month during which the restaurant serves kid friendly foods that your family is bound to enjoy. On the other hand, they also have more adult-friendly options to choose from including homemade mozzarella and Roman dish Cacio e Pepa or “cheese and pepper with pasta.” The dish is bound to leave you wanting to come back for more of this dish and many others that are bound to blow your mind.


Besides the various things to do in Seattle, the city of Seattle also has a plentiful number of eateries to choose from. Whether you love Southern food, Rustic Italian, or have food allergies, Seattle and the restaurants near the Shafer Baillie Mansion is the perfect place to visit if you are a foodie.