April 6, 2017

Anna’s Hummingbird

Something amazing and wonderful occurred recently at the Shafer Baillie Mansion Bed & Breakfast!

An Anna’s Hummingbird ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anna%27s_hummingbird ) graced us with her presence and choose to make her nest in the crock of the rhododendron tree right next to us. I named her Ella after Ella Fitzgerald. I hummingbird sitting on nest think she thought she would not been seen but to her surprise, I watched her build her nest for several weeks!  Flying out to find supplies, returning with lent from the dryer vent, tiny specs of lichen and I read, spider webbing material. Which makes perfect sense. We have had lots of heavy winds and rains these past months but Ella’s nest was strong, as it is attached extremely securely! hummingbird nest in crook of tree Watching her build the nest, lay her eggs, and then sit on them for about 2 1/2 weeks was one of the most precious experiences I have ever had. Magical to say the truth.

 Did you know that a hummingbird momma tells the daddy bird to fly away after the nest is built and eggs are laid? Yes, the female hummingbird is the only one who will care for these little eggs. A male hummingbird does not assist with any of the childcare. In fact, if a male hummingbird comes around, the female hummingbird will consider his brightly colored feathers a threat!

Ella’s babies have hatched are now growing and moving around the nest. Their little beaks can be seen peaking up above the rim of the nest!

little beaks picking out of nest

Ella spends much of the day foraging for food, and then flying home to feed her babies. She feeds them nectar, tiny bugs and feeds them 2 or 3 times an hr. for their first 2 weeks of life. Now she is starting to be gone for long periods of time each day. In fact, I have not even seen for 3 days now! 

She’s back and still taking care of them!

Thank you to Brenda for her beautiful pictures and blog .