Glenn Freshour, newest member of the Mansion team!

We are so fortunate to have Glenn joining Brenda on our innkeeping team at the Shafer Baillie Mansion! Glenn did his undergrad and graduate work in Biology at the University of Georgia and had a long career as a research microscopist. He comes to us from Athens GA, after a year-long side trip to Tempe AZ. He is an avid biker, although still adjusting to the fact that biking in hilly Seattle is not quite like Athens or Tempe! He loves hiking and the outdoors, which should make the Northwest a great place for him to explore and discover. He was the person who inspired Brenda’s love of gardening, and you’ll likely see him out in our garden every day, watering, checking the health of the plants, and enjoying some fresh air.

Glenn enjoys guitar and piano and I hope he’ll decide to share his talents in our salon from time to time! Brenda is thankful for his attention to detail and organization that complements her more, uh, freeform approach to life. We’re also relying on him to help our guests navigate around town and to develop neighborhood and area maps showing places of interest, although of course his own familiarity with the city and region is still developing.

Glenn’s about the most helpful person you’ll ever meet. He’s happy working quietly behind the scenes, but is equally likely to greet you at the door or take your reservation over the phone. In fact my only worry is that, as he gets the hang of my idiosyncratic ways of running things around here, I’ll be left with nothing to do!

Did I mention he’s a little camera-shy?


1 thought on “Glenn Freshour, newest member of the Mansion team!

  1. Hey cousin Glenn—Nancy told me about your latest venture as innkeepers. Just went through the website — the inn looks FABULOUS!!!! Wish we lived closer so we could visit more easily….We'll have to add a visit to your lovely mansion to our bucket list…Merry Christmas to you and Brenda…Cindy and Mike and kids…

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